Hydrobromic Acid 48%

Hydrobromic Acid 48%

Hydrobromic Acid
Hydrobromic Acid has a wide range of applications including in: refrigeration, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, etc. It can be used to prepare various bromides (such as LiBr , KBr , of NaBr and the like) and alkyl bromides (such as ethyl bromide, propane, etc.) , can also be used for synthesis of pharmaceutical sedatives and anesthetics species. It is packed in 300 kg plastic drum.

Molecular Formula: HBr
CAS No.: 10035-10-6


Appearance colorless/faint yellow liquid
Appearance Melting Point colorless/faint yellow liquid -11℃
Appearance Boiling Point colorless/faint yellow liquid 122℃
Appearance Density colorless/faint yellow liquid 1.49 g/cm3
Appearance Packaging colorless/faint yellow liquid 300kg plastic drum

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