HBCD Masterbatch

HBCD Masterbatch

This Masterbatch is produced by mixing hexabromocyclododecane with polystyrene during the plasticizing granulation process, and the content of flame retardant can reach up to 80%. The advantages of the masterbatch over the powdered form of the chemical is that it’s cleaner, environmental friendly, easier to handle, and disperses evenly when added to polystyrene products. It is used in EPS/XPS production for insulation foams. It is packaged in 25Kg paper-plastic composite bags.


Appearance White spherical granule
Appearance FR Content White spherical granule 40-80%
Appearance Thermal decomposition temperature White spherical granule ≥245℃
Appearance Volatility White spherical granule ≤0.5%

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