HBCD-Free Masterbatch

HBCD-Free Masterbatch

This masterbatch is used for EPS/XPS production. It can also be used with recycled polystyrene. It increases the material’s toughness, and achieves V-0 fire safety standards. This is a new brominated fire retardant that is effective and also an environment safe product. We offer three different forms of our masterbatch: a concentrate, the masterbatch, and a powdered form.


Properties MH-3801 MH-3802 MH-3803
Properties Appearance MH-3801 Powder MH-3802 Spherical granules MH-3803 Spherical granules
Properties Color MH-3801 white MH-3802 white MH-3803 white
Properties Main Content MH-3801 90% MH-3802 70% MH-3803 80%
Properties Moisture MH-3801 2000 ppm MH-3802 2000 ppm MH-3803 2000 ppm
Properties Density MH-3801 ----- MH-3802 1.4±0.2 g/cm3 MH-3803 1.6±0.2 g/cm3
Properties Dosage MH-3801 4-5% B1 MH-3802 6-8% B1 MH-3803 5-6% B1

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