Dichloroglyoxime is a newly developed high efficient industrial fungicide. In concentrated range between 1.5 to 3μg/L, it operates by interrupting the flow of the cytoplasm, and ultimately lead to the disintegration of plasmalemma.

Dichloroglyoxime is used as an industrial antibacterial agent, an antiseptic, a slime control agent, an agricultural chemical and the like. Besides, it can also used as preservatives for industrial detergents, cooling water, lubricating oil, metalworking fluids, textile oiling agent, coating, latex, adhesives, wood, leather, and etc. It is packaged in 250KG galvanized iron drums.

Molecular formula: C2H2Cl2N2O2
CAS No.: 2038-44-0


Appearance white powder
Appearance Melting Point white powder 213ºC
Appearance Boiling Point white powder 335ºC
Appearance Density white powder 1.80

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